The stunning combination of appetizer and aperitif: tipsy tomatoes

It's so easy to feel like the queen of the world (alright, It only takes two new flower boxes, a few with the Hackenporsche personally transported home 10-liter sacks of soil, 10-12 Pflänzlein, a new folding chair, two feet with Springtime pedicure on the balcony railing and the sun from diagonally above. Done.

I can not hold myself back and graciously wave to passers-by with a royally stiffened hand. In the city you can afford such a thing without difficulty - there are people with crazy behavior on every corner (or for a change just on balconies). When waving you should not just spilled in the other hand, very full glass of Piscine spill. The exercise does it.

When the sun goes down slowly, the main intersection below our balcony develops its own charm. The Prince Consort man and I love to sit together and experience the blue hour - the part of dusk, when it is too bright to turn on the light and too dark to read. Ideally, it blows a light, warm wind and gently makes the candles in the lanterns flicker. Such moments are perfect for a crowning aperitif snack - a delicious combination of a hint of alcohol and Mediterranean flavors: tipsy tomatoes.

For this, mature cocktail tomatoes are patticed several times and put into vodka overnight (or longer). To serve, you fish with a coktail or a stick stick out of their high-percentage swimming pool, dip it briefly into a little homemade herbal salt and put the small aroma bomb with a Happs in the mouth. Not for beginners, but definitely for high-quality queen mums. So it's really wonderful to wake up in the evening.

the way, we find our main intersection with a view of Planten un Blomen and the TV tower at night. The man and I are firmly convinced that Hamburg does not look any more urban and metropolitan than here - just below our balcony. The tipsy tomatoes actually have nothing to do with this assessment. Because in order to get tipsy yourself, you would have to eat a kilo ... * hicks *

Here's how it works for 4 people:

20 cocktail tomatoes wash and pat dry. Pierce each of the tomatoes approximately 5 times with a toothpick. Put in a jar or bowl and pour in vodka until the tomatoes are covered. Strain for at least 5 hours or refrigerate overnight.

Finely chop the leaves or needles of each 1 sprig of rosemary, oregano and thyme , and strain 2 Mix the coarse sea salt . You can also pass through.

To serve, place the tomatoes floating in vodka on the table with toothpicks or cocktail sticks and hand in the herb salt.Since the tomatoes themselves contain a great deal of liquid, they do not soak up the vodka, but absorb only a hint of aroma. For children, the tipsy tomatoes are of course not suitable.

Tip salt: Keep the remaining herb salt in a small glass and to season food. That gives a great Mediterranean flavor!

Tip Vodka: If all the tomatoes are eaten, the vodka is quite excellent for the Preparing Bloody Marys.

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